About Comtech

Who we are, what we do.

Years of journey


Supporting Local Businesses

Based in Stirling, Comtech IT has been helping small businesses since 2016 to get the most from Information Technology, without having to employ dedicated IT staff.

Every IT service plan offers unlimited IT support – whenever you need us, we’re only a phone call or email away from resolving your issue.

We Fix Tech-aches, so that you can work with ease & security everyday.

Oh, and we build awesome websites too!


Benefits of working with Comtech

If you're looking for help with your IT needs, Comtech has you covered. By hiring us, you'll enjoy these great benefits, and more:

  • Expertise - Our team includes highly experienced IT professionals whose expertise ranges across all areas of IT, including system maintenance, WiFi and local area networks, data backup and recovery, IT security, and more.
  • Flexibility - Comtech uses remote support tools, so we can often resolve issues from HQ. We are equally capable of providing hands-on support, so there's no need to compromise. We offer a substantial range of IT service plans, and we are also available for one-time assistance with complicated projects or issues.
  • Communication - You'll never be left hanging when you rely on IT Support from Comtech. We're here when you need us, and our response times couldn't be faster.
  • Savings - Thanks to Comtech IT, there's no need to invest loads of money in a dedicated IT department. You won't just save money by outsourcing your IT requirements to us, though; you will also save time, leaving you to manage people, not technology - and your business is sure to be better for it!

In the more than 6 years we've been in business, Comtech IT has earned many long-term customers. Our satisfied clients routinely refer others to us for their IT needs too. When it comes to IT support in Central Scotland, you can't do better.

"Highly recommended"- Susan Reid, Susan Reid Collections
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Company Structure

We like to keep a good range of skills and abilities at Comtech. From our Students getting their first taste of "real-world" IT to our highly skilled problem solvers. This "pipeline" of  talent helps us to maintain our company's core values.

Foundation Apprentice

Foundation Apprentices allow young students to get their first taste of IT in the wokplace. In conjuction with their work at school and college, they get to perform real jobs in IT - you may find we bring one along on our next site visit.
Learn more about Foundation Apprentices at Forth Valley College

Modern Apprentice

Our Modern Apprentices are full-time trainee IT technicians who handle a lot of the simpler or more straightforward issues that our customers have and as they progress, more complex problems. Over a one- or two-year apprenticeship, they learn not only about IT in general but loads about how we work and interract with our customers.

Along with on-the-job training, they work through a formal academic course run by an external training firm to achieve industry standard certifications. Under this regime, our trainees learn IT and communications skills to gain their SQA diploma in IT at SCQF Level 6 and Level 8 as well as Microsoft and COMPTIA certifications.

IT Technician
Fully qualified to at least SCQF level 8 and with a year or more experience "on the phones", these are the people who deal with our customers on a day-to-day basis. Fixing faults in customer software and hardware is their bread & butter. You are likely to get one of these guys on the case when you contact us with a problem.
Senior Technician
With a few more hours under their belt, our senior technicians handle the more challenging issues that our customers may suffer from time-to-time. They also deal with more complex project work and mentor their more junior colleagues.

The Comtech Way

Even as we have grown to serve more and more clients, we have maintained a culture of ethics and service. We are proud to have created a good work/life balance that not only gets the job done but let's us have a little bit of fun as well.

Our values are the foundation of the Company and our Culture.

    • We push for professional excellence.
    • We support one another. We believe in one another.
    • We acknowledge and respect the abilities of one another.
    • There are no second-class citizens – everyone is important and everyone's job is important.
    • We can all improve and learn from one another.
    • We adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior.
    • We Never ask someone to do something you wouldn't do yourself.
    • We are a warm, close Company. This is a strength – not a weakness.
    • We will continue building a professional Company – together – as a team.
    • We will continue to have fun.

This is the way.